Processing sheet emtal is our strong suit.

Sheet metal processing plays a crucial role. It is a versatile and indispensable process that allows us to transform metal sheets into a variety of shapes and products for various applications.

Burning system (flame cutting)

Zinser 2425

With a generous working area of 8 meters long and 3.5 meters wide, our Zinser 2425 flame cutting machine sets standards in terms of flexibility and performance. The Zinser 2425 effortlessly handles steel cuts with a maximum sheet thickness of an impressive 100 millimeters. The CNC control ensures the highest precision and repeatability with every cut. You can cut complex shapes, patterns and contours with ease while minimizing material waste. This existing capacity allows us to deliver even the most robust projects with precision and efficiency.

Length: 8 m
Width: 3,5 m

Oxyfuel torch
Number of burners: 3

Max. Sheet thickness steel: 100 mm

Laser system (laser cutting)

Mazak Optiplex Nexus 3015 Fiber

Our Mazak Optiplex Nexus 3015 fiber laser cutting system is an outstanding example of precision and efficiency in modern laser cutting technology. The fiber laser is specifically designed to perform high-precision cuts in a wide range of materials, providing remarkable precision even with a maximum sheet thickness of 10mm. We cut steel sheets up to a material thickness of 15mm on our system with a change table. With the Mazak Optiplex Nexus 3015 fiber laser cutting system we can create complex contours, delicate patterns and tailor-made parts with very high accuracy.

Length: 3 m
Width: 1,5 m

Max. Sheet thickness steel: 15 mm

Max. Sheet thickness for precision cuts in steel: 10 mm

CNC press brake

Bystronic Xpert 250

Our CNC press brake, the Bystronic Xpert 250, is a powerful and versatile machine designed specifically for precise bending applications. With a maximum sheet thickness of 15 mm and an impressive width of 3 meters, it offers you the flexibility to handle even demanding bending tasks with ease.

What particularly sets the Bystronic Xpert 250 apart is its advanced bending aid and the integrated laser measuring device. These functions guarantee maximum accuracy in every bending process. The bending aid supports the operator in positioning the workpiece precisely, while the laser measuring device ensures that the desired bending radii and angles are precisely maintained. The CNC control of this press brake allows you to easily create complex bending profiles and achieve repeatable results. This not only increases productivity, but also the quality of your manufactured parts.

Max. Sheet thickness: 15 mm
Max. Sheet width: 3 m

Control: CNC+ CAM software

Our products & solutions

Petry Maschinenbau Tracked undercarriages

A tracked undercarriages is a crucial component in a construction machine. They provide an efficient way to move heavy machinery over uneven terrain and contribute significantly to stability and traction.

Petry Maschinenbau Excavator shovels

Excavator buckets play an essential role in the world of construction machinery. These fundamental tools act as the crucial link between the excavator and the soil it works.

Petry Maschinenbau special-purpose machinery

Our special-purpose machines are perfectly tailored to your needs, enhancing the efficiency of your handling processes. Benefit from our decades of experience in special-purpose machine construction!