Tracked undercarriages – Solid and indestructible

A tracked undercarriages is a crucial component in a construction machine. They provide an efficient way to move heavy machinery over uneven terrain and contribute significantly to stability and traction. There are different types of tracks, including steel or rubber track versions, selected depending on the application and weight class.

Tracked undercarriages with steel tracks

Steel tracks are one of the most robust track options and are often used in heavy construction equipment such as bulldozers and crawler excavators. These chains consist of individual links that are connected to each other by bolts and guide the machine weight into the ground via special base plates. Steel tracks provide excellent traction and durability, making them ideal for use in demanding terrain. However, they are also heavier and can put more strain on the floor.

Petry Maschinenbau tracked undercarriages steel tracks
Petry Maschinenbau tracked undercarriages steel tracks

Tracked undercarriages with rubber tracks

Rubber tracks are often used in lighter machines such as mini excavators, skid steers and agricultural equipment. Rubber tracks offer better soil protection because they create less ground pressure than steel tracks and do not damage roads or other sealed surfaces. They are also more flexible and quieter, increasing operator comfort.

Tailored to your intended use

The crawler tracks must be matched to the respective machine weights and the respective intended use in order to meet the different requirements. Lighter machines typically use smaller rubber tracks, while heavy construction vehicles and crawler excavators are equipped with massive steel tracks. Choosing the right weight class depends on various factors, including soil conditions, intended use and required load capacity.

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