Petry Maschinenbau

Excavator buckets play an essential role in the world of construction machinery. Without them, movement would be almost impossible. These fundamental tools act as the crucial link between the excavator and the soil it works. Our main mission is to get the maximum performance out of every excavator through the design and manufacture of our excavator buckets.

Petry Maschinenbau excavator shovels backhoe bucket with teeth

The backhoe with a weight range of 1-29 tons is versatile and robust. It easily handles tasks in earthworks, material handling, demolition, civil engineering and gardening and landscaping.

Petry Maschinenbau excavator shovels clearing bucket swiveling rotary motor

The versatile clearing bucket is suitable for earthmoving work with a variable operating weight of 1 to 29 tons. He handles tasks in earthworks, material handling, civil engineering, land shaping and modeling.

Petry mechanical engineering excavator shovels clay bucket with teeth

The clay bucket, for excavators weighing 1 to 29 tons, is specially designed for sewer and cable construction. Thanks to its robust construction and the notched side panels, it overcomes challenges efficiently.

Petry mechanical engineering excavator shovels roder rakes

Lifting teeth and lifting rakes are attachments for an operating weight of between 1 and 22 tonnes that can be used in a variety of ways in the areas of landscape maintenance, soil loosening and demolition and recycling work.

Petry Maschinenbau excavator shovel adapter for quick coupler

Our quick couplers and adapters offer durability and reliability in demanding environments. Various sizes and configurations are available to meet your needs.

Petry Maschinenbau excavator shovels sorting buckets

Our special buckets are tailored to the specific requirements of our customers and their respective areas of application. Tailored to your personal and individual requirements.